Monday, May 4, 2009

There is too much to do. That has been the story of my life the past month, and that is exactly why it has taken me so long to get updated on whats happened thus far this season. And keeping with tradition (or what there is), I am once again procrastinating studying, this time its for a final though, so I feel kinda guilty.  I am already over a month into the season, I can't believe it. Since Fontana I have raced 8 more times! I raced in Spokane the weekend after Fontana in a road omnium (road race, TT and Criterium) which I dominated (kinda) even though I had awful legs. I rode the field into the ground as was by far the strongest racer in the pack. It was more just for training, and to get that edge back that I so badly was missing when I was in fontana. Shortly after the Spokane race I found that I made the Euro Camp team for the US National Team. So actually I leave in 36 hrs for Germany to spend 3 weeks racing. I am so incredibly humbled and honored. I have been so fortunate in my racing pursuits over the years, I have incredibly supportive parents, friends and sponsors. I couldn't have gotten here without all of you. So yea Europa will be incredible. But first what is leading up to now.... So I went down to Sea Otter Classic a couple weeks ago and botched another big race. This time I nearly got heat stroke. It was up to 95 degrees in Monterey, CA, and I just burned up. I had a I good call up and was racing around 25th out of 150 people for the first 45 minutes of racing, but then I started getting goose-bumps, and was lightheaded and super tired. I was feeling so fast too! So I ended up stopping under a tree and dousing myself with water for half and hour and getting a ride up from one of the medics with Ryan Trebon. Bonding time. I did Ok in the short track, but I had such a crappy call-up that I couldn't do much. I just rubbed a lot of elbows and then got pulled. So that was another disappointing weekend. I raced in Pullman with the MSU road team last weekend, which was a total blast. I had a great time. It was pretty low key racing, although our mens A race was definitely a fast hard race, I rode with J-mac and some other pretty quick cat 1,2 guys and in both the road race and crit I was as strong if not stronger than all of them. I finally have found my legs. It took a while, but I have done it. I feel ready for germany, I have strong legs and I have a fast mindset, which is what it's gonna take. I am so pumped. I will keep you guys updated more regularly while I am over there, it is gonna be sweet. 

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