Friday, January 29, 2010


Alright, so this whole thing didn't exactly work out as planned last year. I kinda got overwhelmed with all the other things I didn't really have to do, and this blog got neglected. This time though... I swear its gonna be regularly updated...

So I am announcing that I will be racing for the Mafia/Felt/Pabst Pro MTB Team this coming season! I think this will be a great opportunity... There are a lot of great sponsors backing us this year including Felt Bikes, PBR (yes the beer), Rudy Project, Shimano and bunches of others! Eventually I will figure out who they all are and let people know what I think of the products (as if my opinion really matters).

Also, for those of you who don't know I am now living at Tad's house in Durango... manning out by myself cause Ethan Giver-more money just went home to backwoods VT. We dropped out of school together so we could get some sweet training in Durango and be fast and stuff this year. He made it a total of 9 days I think. Ha. Don't think I'm ridiculing him, cause he's still a close friend, and I'm fully in support of whatever he needs to do... I just think its funny. He's probably the sane one... we were sharing a harry potter room previously occupied by Paige Elliot (Tads sister, shes at Dartmouth, an Ivy League school)... and when I say that I don't mean its small... its just covered in had drawn sketches of Harry and Ron (unfortunately no Hermione) and some Vampire stuff from the Twilight series. One of the posters on my wall has a great quote about the hypnotic eyes of that vampire guy. I don't know his name... its just some serious adolescent girl stuff though. Poems and valentines everywhere. I've got a sweet single bed though! Ha! But in all seriousness, Tads family is rad and have been so hospitable. Nancy cooks some delicious food, and Mike only hassles me about how much I eat and how little I train a occasionally (hes a former Olympic norgay skier). Evan (Tads twin) keeps stuff pretty relaxed. Hes a character. The other day he was stuffing zilla-cat into the couch cushions to see if it would turtle itself on it's back. The thing sees some abuse, but it's only slightly more intelligent than the wall it likes staring at so I can only laugh.

Right now things are kinda slow but its good cause trying to train has been keeping me way too occupied. As Ethan and I were twenty minutes from town last monday, it started to snow, and didn't stop for 5 days. We got 36 inches or something stupid... I'm trying to be constantly optimistic, but even right now as I write this I hear someone outside snowblowing and nothing has fallen for 5-6 days. Silly. It takes a half hour just to bundle up for a ride. And I wear a rain jacket even when its sunny out cause most of time the streets have a 1/2 inch of standing water on them.

In all reality it might be good that Ethan is gone. I wont get harassed in my sleep anymore. On our way down we stayed with Mitch Peterson in SLC. The kid has two audi's, and is 23. Whoa! Talk about living the dream... anyways, I woke up in the middle of the night to Ethan whacking me in the head with his sleeping pad... I asked him what he was doing but he wouldn't respond and just kept hitting me. Apparently he shared my pillow for a bit too, although I don't remember that part. But I will miss sharing the experiences we had in just a few short days... like when snowballs were thrown at us by middle school bullies, and I wont have having anyone to give me a play by play of my face plants in the middle of main street.