Monday, March 30, 2009

So here it is... I finally succumbed to the level of everyone else. I have a blog. I started this to keep all of you out there informed on what I am doing (on a semi-regular basis) this racing season. I feel bad 'cause I am always way to busy to keep everyone updated. I just got back from the first PRO XCT race this year down in Fontana a couple hours ago. I have been up since 3:45 this morning, after racing yesterday, and am trying to stay awake by sitting at the Daily Coffee drinking a stiff americano back in Bozeman, and needless to say I am slightly exhausted. I should be studying for a test tomorrow, but I tried and all I could do is look out the window. Fontana was awesome, I however wasn't. It was so nice to get out of the frozen tundra that is Bozeman, although I wish I could have raced in temps closer to what my body is used to (ie: 27 degrees). No actually that is kind of an exaggeration, it has been getting up into the 40's occasionally (although I arrived today with a fresh 6" of snow in my yard), so the 75 degree racing weather was only 30 degrees warmer than what I am used to. But I still died. I think the course fit my abilities for the most part too, so it is even more of a bummer that I did so poorly. There wasn't too much climbing, although what was there was super steep, and the descending wasn't technical save a couple of short sections The first lap went ok, I had an awful call-up and was in the back 1/3 of a 120 racer pack. Within the first 3 min we were already into single track, but I had already moved up about 40 positions, and then things really bottlenecked up as we started going up the steep climb. I kinda just hung out for a while through the decent, not working too hard because there was nowhere to pass, just watching as my competition (ethan, greg, robbie and the other U23's) just extended their lead (they all had way better call-ups although I was faster than them at every NMBS and Nationals last year). That was pretty frustrating. So by the time things spread out I had heated up and had lost pretty much all my energy and motivation. I caught Greg for a while, but then lost a bottle and got thirsty and started cooking even more, which lead to my ass getting dropped outside the top 50. I had to stop at the feedzone and grab some water cups and cool myself off and try to get rehydrated. Then I wrecked, so that put me even further back. So by the end of lap 3 I was way out of the race, and overheated, but started cooling off as the wind picked up and started going faster. I kept catching people and moving up, getting close to Greg again (although this isn't something to brag about as he had an awful race too), but by the time I started feeling alright again it was way too late to do much other than damage control. All I could do was pick off a few of the stragglers I was riding with. I finished with a half empty tank. I definitely could have raced a couple more laps and moved into the top 40, my endurance is really high, just not my racing fitness. I haven't ridden much dirt this year yet either, nor have I done any significant interval/speed training. I have done some tempo stuff but thats really it. Reflecting on the race I just feel like I was not in any type of racing condition. I have been getting a lot of hours in on the the bike, but I just haven't started going fast. I need to find those legs before Sea Otter in three weeks. My diet was good leading up to the race, and I feel like I did enough openers in the days leading up to it, but not too much. I feel like I got enough rest too. I may have spent a little too much time sitting out chatting and enjoying the sun, but that is the only thing I can recall maybe being influential on this result. For now it's just nice to get this first big race out of the way. I know I am better than the 59th I finished, and will prove it in the near future. I am good enough to be in the top 25, and by the end of the season I am still want to be in that top 20. I did it last year a few times, and although this is a new series, it's still mostly the same people. This weekend I think I am off to Spokane for an omnium, and get some more racing in my legs. I think that will be good. I hope it doesn't snow too much this week here in bozeman san lucas.